Pic by: Mario Kluser

Masih pukul setengah sepuluh pagi saat itu. Tanda ‘tutup’ masih menggantung di pintu.

“Good morning, lah. Saya masuk ya! Boleh?”
“Sure!” Aku mempersilakannya masuk. Ia—seperti yang selalu ia lakukan—menaruh tasnya di tempat duduk di sudut kanan dalam restoran. Aku melanjutkan membersihkan meja kasir.
“Ini hari terakhir awak kemari, ya.” Ia bicara dalam campuran bahasa Inggris dan Malaysia.
“O, really? What happened?”
“Nothing, just because this is the last day of my course.”
“Oh, you are in a course, we never know. What course?”
“It’s a half year philosophy course.”
“How awesome is that!”
“Yea, I come from Geelong for my course every Thursday.”
“That is far.”
“Not really, all I do is just sitting on the train, it gives me time to think and meet new people.”
“You dari Indonesia, ya? Is Jokowi good? At the beginning he was quite something.”
“Well, don’t you worry about us, we’re good at dealing with disappointment.”
“Ya.. Aren’t we all? Anyway, I’ll miss having breakfast here, though.”
“We welcome you anytime.”
“But I am not sure I can, at least for two or three months ahead. I am going to Shanghai.”
“O, really? For family visit?”
“No, I will have another course. A music course.”
“Cool. What instrument do you play?”
“It’s violin.”
“Wow. Such an enthusiasm I see there.”
“Just try to keep me busy. I learn a lot lately. I play music again. I am old, but I don’t want to be rusty like very soon.”
“Sir, you have more courage and energy than us, the young lazy ass.”
“Haha.. You will not be here, talking to me while working if you’re lazy.” Aku nyengir kuda.
“Are you a vegetarian?” Tanyaku saat melihat ia memilih menu sarapannya.
“Well, I am old. When you’re old, you put some more of concern on what you eat. Yes, I am vegetarian. A 69 years old vegetarian. How that sounds?”
Ia ketawa. Aku balik bekerja sambil berpikir kelas apa yang akan aku ambil nanti saat usia 69.

Kursus bersahabat dengan jangkrik sepertinya menarik.


(Pic courtesy of Mario Kluser)


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